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Blum Refresh 2021

Blum Refresh 2021

Join us on Blum & Co's Refresh

We have kept our avid followers waiting long enough. Now, we hope you are as excited as we are to embark on a new journey with Blum & Co, regardless if you are a new or existing customer.

You have seen us talk about Blum & Co's Refresh many times, but what exactly is it all about? We aim to refresh our brand so we can reach out to larger audiences through a new branding direction. On top of our existing collection of stylish apparels, get ready for the launch of new collection made from premium quality.

Before moving forward, let us share Blum & Co's history and heritage.

How Blum & Co Started

Blum logo with flower black background

 "Blum" in German means "Flower". Our brand believes that women can and should bloom like a flower with elegance and femininity.

Blum & Co was founded in 1992 by Anna Kong. After the 1990s, there was a rise in the number of women who were joining the white-collar sector, hence an increase in demand for professional corporate attire like blazers and dresses.

The brands that dominated the fashion scene at the time were mostly from overseas, and were designed to suit the Caucasian woman's body. As such, women in Singapore did not fit in the clothes as well as Caucasian women did. On top of that, these brands were mostly expensive due to logistical cost and tax.

With the aforementioned in mind, Anna steered Blum & Co in a direction that aimed to cater to the working women in Singapore whilst emphasising on Asian fit and beauty. 

Upscale of Target Market

Blum women are strong and ambitious.

Entering the 2000s, strong and ambitious women who grew with Blum & Co were holding senior positions like managers, senior executives and even directors. Celebrities, government officials and even public figures frequently relied on Blum & Co to find their next piece of apparel for occasions and events. Gaining momentum and traction from upscale market, more women began to notice and love us for classic and premium quality apparels.

Material, Design, Quality

At Blum, we pride ourselves in apparel and material quality and fit designed for Asians.

The cores of Blum & Co are high-quality materials, apparels designed for Asian woman fit, and to bring out the unique characteristics of women.

Founder Anna has been adamant in sourcing the best raw materials from Italy. Blum & Co's apparels are designed by both local and other Asian fashion designers who understand the key in bringing out the femininity and character in women. Apparels are manufactured with high quality control and often by big companies that manufacture for well-known fashion brands. Be sure that your favourite Blum & Co's pieces are made in and not limited to places like Italy and South Korea.

Appreciated By Women

Blum - loved and appreciated by all Asian women.

While the number of our retail stores across Singapore has decreased from 16 in our heyday, Blum & Co is still trusted by many women. We want to ensure our unique clothes are easily accessible no matter where our customers may be. Moreover, the advent of social media and e-Commerce has made it more convenient for us to reach out to our customers as well.  

The Future of Women

As we progress with time, Blum & Co is ready to embark on our next chapter in this online era.

With this, Blum & Co hopes that the new generation of women will be inspired and empowered by our philosophy for women - to embrace and bring forth strength through beauty. 

Blum Refresh Collection

blum refresh


The introduction of Blum Refresh includes a refreshed line of apparel that rejuvenates and reinforces Asian beauty in women.

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Award Winning Brand

Serving women since 1992, Blum have won several awards locally and overseas.

Top Quality

Our fabrics & apparels are sourced from top quality manufacturers all over Europe, Korea & Japan.

Tailor At Your Service

Every piece of BLUM's apparel is entitled to be custom tailored to your measurements at no cost.