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Preorder With Us

Preorder With Us

What is preordering?

We are considering opening up preorders for certain exclusive collections before launch. When you preorder something from us, you are paying for an item that has yet to be launched officially in our stores. While it will take a longer time for your item to reach your doorstep, preordering has its merits and here are some reasons why you should consider preordering from us:

1. Secure your favourite pieces in advance

When you preorder your favourite items, you are securing them well in advance so you won't have to worry about them selling out, especially when stocks are limited!

2. Receive better service from us

Based on your preorder behaviour and preferences, we are able to serve you better as we understand which items you like and which items you don't like as much. With this information, we can introduce new items that better suit your taste in the future!

3. Contribute to saving our planet

When you preorder our items, we know exactly how many of each item we should add to our inventory. Not only will it help us manage our inventory better, it will also help us reduce textile waste as we will not produce excessive stock.

Opening up preorders for our items will benefit not only us but you as well, as we wish to offer you a more exclusive purchasing experience. We hope you can join us in taking this step towards making shopping with us more enjoyable!


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Award Winning Brand

Serving women since 1992, Blum have won several awards locally and overseas.

Top Quality

Our fabrics & apparels are sourced from top quality manufacturers all over Europe, Korea & Japan.

Tailor At Your Service

Every piece of BLUM's apparel is entitled to be custom tailored to your measurements at no cost.