Find the best shades of colors that match your skin best Let’s talk ab
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Find the best shades of colors that match your skin best Let’s talk about colors!

Find the best shades of colors that match your skin best Let’s talk about colors!

Do you ever notice that the choice of colored clothing can either brighten or darken your skin? BLUM will walk you through choosing the best pieces!


Finding the ideal shades of color for your ideal blend of skin tones is not easy, but it is possible if you follow a few simple steps!!

Go stand in front of the mirror, without any makeup on, and in natural lighting. Hold either gold or silver jewelry against the skin under your chin. If the gold jewelry glows your skin has a (warm tone) and If using a sliver it suits a pink undertone (cooler tone)

For easy reference, we have divided skin tones into Dark skin, Medium skin, Light skin, and Fair skin along with compiling a list of colors that suits best for each skin tone.


Dark Skin

Cobalt Blue

Did you know experts recommend Cobalt Blue for darker skin? The bold color is flattering for dark skin and can be worn for tops, bottoms, and other outfit components.

Light Yellow

Another recommended color is light yellow, which stands out against darker complexation. Search for dresses and tops!


Deep red, Ruby red Wine red you name it! This color will give you a beautiful look. Red highlights the inherent beauty of dark skin, be it for coats, boots, or skirts. This color is a strong recommendation.


It’s a blessing for darker skin tones, especially when paired with magenta! It combines well with darker skin and can accentuate your inner beauty. Evening gowns or formal dresses you make the call!


Medium Skin


Grey complements medium skin tones mostly found in winter and autumn coats. Not only that blouses or trousers will look amazing in that color.


Pair a bright neon top with a plain color in the remainder of the outfit to further accentuate the fun and vibrancy. A loud color can really express your imagination.


Light Skin

Camel Brown

Brown makes pieces look more expensive. What a bonus! For people with light skin, Camel is a flattering color, as it adds sophistication a go-to color for classy outings.

Baby Blue

The blur of your eyes. This color matches your skin tone and can be found in a wide variety of pieces.


Fair Skin

Seafoam green

The ideal shade of green Is ideal for people with fair skin and is a lovely color on its own. Pairs well with white!


Lavender is a color that defines the season and evokes beautiful thoughts. This calming color can be often found in all sorts of pieces from outers to dresses and skirts.


Last But Not Least!

You deserve to look and feel fabulous. Do not let colors stop you from choosing your favorite color! Happy Shopping BLUM LADIES!

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